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"Who are we and what makes us the person we are today?" is the central question that Lara asks in this song. This song was released in September 2023 along with a music video filmed at Vianden Castle.
"The Sculptor" is currently a semi-finalist at the UK Songwriting Contest 2023.


Lara was only 14 when she wrote this song. In the current version she added strings which have filled out the sound and made the song more emotional. The lyrics, music as well as the string arrangement were all written by the young songwriter. The song was released in July 2023.


This song was written for the opening of Esch 2022 European Capital of Culture within the Future Frequencies project and Lara performed it at the Rockhal on 26 February 2022.

It’s a song that took its inspiration from the surroundings of the Rockhal, but it’s also about the excitement of going to a concert, the magic of people coming together to make music and how a city comes alive with the music that the people make.

Stepping Stones in Lara's Music Career

Lara was born in 2004 in Luxembourg and speaks five languages, English being her mother tongue. Coming from a very musical family, Lara began writing her own songs at 11. She has been playing piano from the age of 9 and guitar from the age of 11.

When she was 13 and 14, Lara participated in the Screaming Fields Song Contest organised by the Rocklab in Luxembourg and the songs she submitted were rated among the top 5 songs by the jury on both occasions. At the ages of 15 and 17, she participated in the Screaming Fields Festival and won several prizes:

the Booker’s Choice from the National Youth Service (SNJ) in 2019, the Bookers Choice from the Rotondes in 2021, the Bookers Choice from Abbaye Neimenster in 2021 and the Songwriter Package from the Grund Club in 2021.

In February 2022 she performed at the Remix Opening of Esch 2022 at the Rockhal as part of the Future Frequencies Project carried out under the direction of Matthew Herbert (a producer from the UK) and Frank Wiedemann (founder of the Innervisions label in Germany). At this concert she sang her new song ‘City and its People’ which she wrote exclusively for the Opening of Esch 2022-European Capital of Europe.

In 2023, Lara participated at the UK songwriting contest and is currently a semifinalist.

The Music Experience you want to Live

Lara's music appeals to listeners of all age groups through the personal and universal themes of her lyrics and the harmonic and melodic qualities of the music. She writes from her own experience and expresses questions and thoughts about the world around her. Lara loves to experiment with interesting chord progressions and her music has elements of pop, jazz and classical music.

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